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Experience Royalty in Buckingham Palace

London AttractionsIf you plan a trip to London, surely, the first thing that will come to your mind is royalty or monarchy. The Buckingham Palace definitely is one of the most unrivaled houses of royalties in the world. Up until now, the Buckingham Palace is still where the royal family of England still lives and it can accommodate 50,000 guests annually. The Buckingham Palace lets you taste of a royal and majestic lifestyle, including the roots and history of the royal family in England. It is indeed a wonderful and educational experience to behold the uncanny greatness of these people.

The Buckingham Palace was built and named after Duke Buckingham in the early 1700s. The palace started as a small structure not until the reign of King George III, who magnificently transformed the house into a luxury home. The designation of the palace grew even more exorbitantly during the late 1700s wherein three wings of the palace were completed. During the time of Queen Victoria, the Buckingham Palace became even more glamorous with the construction of grand ballrooms and rooms for house guests. There were even nurseries for children in that part of the palace’s wing. The palace had undergone several renovations until the early 1900s.

What will amaze you most besides from experiencing a royal life are those people of around 400- 500 in number who serve and maintain the palace everyday! There are also a variety of activities which you can do in the palace besides feeling rich, refined and famous. There are sightseeing activities intended for tourists but in limited times of the year. Tourists are able to see closely some furnishings and interior of the palace and some artifacts displayed especially in the Queens Gallery.

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