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The British Museum: A Time Warp to the Past

London AttractionsIf you’re headed to London for a vacation, be sure not to miss out visiting the British Museum. This museum is a must- see spot in London that you will never regret allotting time for it. This is indeed a museum of a kind, and absolutely different from other boring and blunt museums. The British Museum is the home to many different archives and historical articles that will undoubtedly take you a blast from the past.

The British Museum is a sight to behold when having a grand time in London. It will furthermore create a sense of nostalgia being in the museum by merely being educated with different histories, cultures and traditions not just in Great Britain. The intercontinental theme of the museum makes it world- renowned and truly a marvel.

The British Museum houses almost any artifacts collected from all parts of the world. It boasts a collection of the most interesting articles of the world such as the mummy of Cleopatra. If you are a lover of art, get enchanted with a collection of paintings from Rembrandt or the historic displays of coins and medals of valor from different prominent players of world history.

The Great Court is the most prominent part of the museum and it is unique for its glass roofing situated at the center most of the museum. There is also a reading area within the Great Court where you can find libraries of archives to behold! And the best thing about the British Museum is you can witness its contents for free! There are no charges for admission except for some special exhibitions which the museum holds once in a while.

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