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Making the Most out of Your Visit to Westminster Abbey

London Attractions For many centuries, the popular London attraction Westminster Abbey has witnessed the unfolding of history in the United Kingdom. Built more than nine centuries ago, this Gothic church is a coronation and burial site for British monarchs. Aside from kings and queens, over 3,000 people are buried there. Still a place for daily worship, the abbey is one place you shouldn’t miss when you go to London.

To make your visit to Westminster Abbey a truly memorable and no-hassle experience, it pays to know some ideas on what to do there. First, you will need to pay admission tickets so that you can view the church. Start your tour of the church by viewing its nave. Because the church has a Gothic architecture, the nave can be found along the primary part of the shaft. Leaded glass windows outline the nave’s stone ceiling. The tombs of prominent people such as scientist Sir Isaac Newton are located under the nave. You can also take a tour of the chapels where other well-known Englishmen are buried. These include authors Charles Dickens and Geoffrey Chaucer as well as scientist Charles Darwin.

Make the most out of your trip by attending the services, which are open to the public. The most known service is the evensong that is led by the Westminster Abbey’s choir. You can also listen to choral concerts and recitals that are regularly scheduled on the site.

Taking of photos is prohibited in Westminster, except in the College Garden and Cloisters areas. If you want images of the church itself, you may purchase postcards at the Abbey Shop.

Once your dream of visiting Westminster Abbey has become a reality, you will have a good reason to return to London.


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