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Victoria and Albert Museum

London Attractions The Victoria and Albert Museum in Cromwell Gardens, South Kensington in London is the world’s biggest museum dedicated to the decorative arts as well as design. Otherwise known as the V&A, the museum permanently houses a collection comprised of nearly 4.5 millions objects. It was named after Prince Albert and Queen Victoria and was established in 1852. It has, since its establishment, grown to cover about 12.5 acres of land and has 145 galleries within it. The collection covers a good 5000 years of art which begins from the ancient times up to the more modern, present day art. It also covers every medium one can think of and there are items coming from different cultures found in North Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. In its collection are various textiles, glass, ceramics, silverwork, ironwork, costumes, furniture, jewellery, sculpture, prints, medieval objects, photographs, drawings and is considered to be one of the largest and most comprehensive collections in the world.

The Victoria and Albert Museum also has a central garden, the John Madejski Garden, which was redesigned by Kim Wilkie and was opened in 2005. The design, as many have described it, is a subtle blend of both traditional as well as modern influences. The formal layout showcases an elliptical water feature which can be drained and used for gatherings as well as exhibitions. The museum hosts a wide variety of events ranging from art exhibits, late openings to even concerts and fashion runway shows. It also provides free family-friendly activities which everyone enjoys. Other than those, they also have workshops for kids and teens alike to help provide them with an outlet for their creativity.


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