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Tower of London

London Attractions The Tower of London or Her Majesty’s Royal Palace, as its more commonly known, is one of the most historical and prominent monuments in Central London. It is located on the north bank of the River Thames and just within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. It is separated from London’s eastern edge by a clearing known as Tower Hill. It primarily functions as a royal palace, a fortress as well as a prison for royal and high status prisoners. It has also served as a place of torture, execution, treasury, armory, an observatory, the Royal Mint, a zoo and as a public records office. Since 1903, it serves as the home of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. The tower also has some very interesting residents in the form of Ravens. For centuries, it has been thought that a total of 6 ravens have made the tower their residence. This also attributed to the fact that ravens, which are known to gather at gallows, must have been drawn to the tower’s history of imprisonment and execution.

The ravens at the Tower of London are cared for by a Ravenmaster which is a task given to one of the Yeomen Warders. Their wings are clipped so that they won’t fly away but they are left free to wander the grounds. Throughout the centuries, the tower has seen plenty of royal and powerful prisoners. Among the most prominent are: Anne Boleyn, Queen Elizabeth I, Sir Walter Raleigh, Guy Fawkes, the Kray Twins, John II King of France Rudolf Hess and St. Thomas More whose body is also buried in the tower. Of course, with stories of torture and execution, it is no wonder that the tower has also garnered the title of being the most haunted building in the entirety of England. In fact, this is one of the many reasons why many people visit the site.


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