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Tower Bridge in London

London Attractions The Tower Bridge in London that is suspended over the River Thames is one of the city’s most prominent landmarks and has become an iconic symbol for the city as well. Technically speaking, the bridge is a combination of bascule and suspension bridges and is comprised of two towers which are actually tied together at their topmost levels by two walkways designed to withstand forces that are exerted by the sections of the bridge which are suspended on both its left and right sides. Many people tend to mistakenly refer to it as the London Bridge and whilst that is true in a sense, the real London Bridge is actually the next one which is located upstream. For anyone who has been on the bridge or lives in London, they would know that the towers of the bridge has actually gained notoriety for being a haunt for various pickpockets as well as prostitutes preying on tourists and locals as well. For this reason, the high level walkways were closed in 1910 and were only re-opened in 1982 as part of the bridge exhibition.

The Tower Bridge exhibition is now being housed in the towers, the Victorian engine rooms as well as in the high-level walkways. Of course, visitors marvel at the magnificent view provided by said walkways and in fact, many claim it to be the best view in all of London. The exhibition consists of various photos, films as well as interactive facilities relating to how and why the bridge was built. You can also book a behind the scenes tour where you would be able to see the command centre of the bridge where they control the raising of the bascules whenever a vessel needs to pass through.


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