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Tate Gallery

London Attractions The United Kingdom’s national museum of British and Modern Art, the Tate Gallery is basically a network of 4 art galleries located throughout England. The Tate Britain which was opened in 1897 and was renamed in 2000, the Tate Liverpool which was opened in 1988, the Tate St. Ives which was opened in 1993 and the Tate Modern which was opened in 2000 all four galleries can be found in their complimentary website, Tate Online. Tate is the name used for the entire corporate body, which functions as The Board of Trustees, created by the Museums and Galleries Act 1992. The original Tate was situated in Millbank, Pimlico, London directly on the site of what was formerly the Millbank Prison.

If you want information for Tate Gallery, all four of them, the Tate Online would surely provide you with all you need to know. It would also help your prepare your visits as it has up to date information about the 4 galleries’ future as well as past exhibits. It also includes a lot of illustrated information related to all the exhibitions and works that are in the Tate Collection of both British and Modern International art as well as informal e-learning activities for visitors to the sure. You can even watch webcasted events that are all archived in the site. Besides those, other resources include articles from Tate ETC which is the Tate’s magazine. You can also find internet art exhibits which are referred to as Net Art which are continuously organized as part of the Tate’s Intermedia Art campaigns.


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