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Soho, London

London Attractions A multicultural area located at the very heart of London, Soho is synonymous to commerce, entertainment, culture as well as being the residence for both affluent and middle-class people. One will find plenty of bars, restaurants, shops, public houses, late-night coffee shops as well as sex shops in this vicinity. People from all over come here to soak up the artsy atmosphere and in fact, weekends can become extremely busy that it warrants the closure of some streets to vehicles. The area is also popular for the number of record shops that cluster around Berwick Street where prominent shops such as Vinyl Junkies and Blackmarket Records have put up shop. The area is also home to plenty f both spiritual and religious groups such as St. Anne’s church located on Dean Street as well as St. Patrick’s church located in the main square. There is also a Hare Krishna Temple right off the main square and a mosque in Berwick Street.

Soho is also considered to be the center of British independent film and video industry. The Soho Theatre is also located in this area and it is where many new plays as well as stand-up comedy are regularly performed. Even though the area is mostly notorious for being the hub of London’s sex industry, major changes and campaigns are trying to purge the area of anything related to it. Besides the very few and far in between sex shops still running today, a tightening in licensing controls has mostly reduced the area’s reputation in the sex industry.


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