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Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre located in Park Street, Southwark, London was originally built in 1599 by the Lord Chamberlain’s Men (Shakespeare’s playing company) but was destroyed in 1613 by a fire. Afterwards, a new theatre was rebuilt on the same site in 1614 but was closed on 1642. The one that stands today is a reconstruction of the original globe and was only opened in 1997. Though it doesn’t stand in the site of the original theatre, its current location is a mere 230 meters from it. The dimensions of the original globe are highly unknown but its unique shape as well as size was approximated through scholarly inquiry over the last couple of centuries. Evidence suggests that the original theatre had 3 storeys, was an open air amphitheatre which was roughly 100 feet in diameter. It is said to have been able to accommodate at least 3,000 people.

Every year, the theatre show season is from April to October and covers productions of Shakespeare’s famous works as well as that of various other modern authors. The plays are seen by audiences of about 350,000 who all experience a unique “wooden O” sitting in the gallery or standing in the yard. Just like how people, about 400 years ago, would have done. It truly is a one of a kind experience. A guided tour of the theatre is available all year round for those who want to visit the exhibition within it. What to expect from this theatre tour? Plenty. Expect colorful stories about the theatres past which would bring to life the 1599 Globe. These tours aren’t allowed during performances so during such times, visitors would instead be taken to the nearby Bankside theatre, The Rose.

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