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London Dungeon: Discover the Dark Side of London

London is well- known for its refined culture and very modest people. It is also known for the royalties exhibiting fine and luxurious living. But on the other hand, London also holds deep and black secrets through its history. If you are looking for an ultimately unique, heart raising and apart from the rest destinations in London, visit the London Dungeon!

Take a trip down a dark and creepy memory lane through the London Dungeon. This place is one of the most intriguing and interesting sites you will ever find in London. London Dungeon is a representation of the darkest secrets and the bloody history of England’s capital. The London Dungeon holds daily performances from live actors and dramatizations of the bloodiest events in the history of London. Apart from these spine- chilling performances, the tour also takes you to experience the rides which will truly give you goose bumps and heart thumping moments.

The live re-enactments are based from true-to-life accounts that happened in London. This includes the legendary Jack the Ripper and the Great Fire of London. These performances are much too close to reality that it will give you a real feel of those dark events. Furthermore, one of the scariest attractions in London Dungeon is the re-enactment of the Butcher- Surgeon of Tooley Street, situated in an operating room where the slain patients experienced a horrifying death in the hands of the Butcher- Surgeon. Some other torture methods from the famous and prolific killers of London are also shown in the London Dungeon.

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