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Highlights and Activities at Kew Gardens

London AttractionsThe Kew Gardens or the Royal Botanic Garden, Kew in Richmond, Surrey UK is a 300- acre enclosure that houses several venues perfect for all occasions and activities that will surely suit your preference and your children’s. The Kew Gardens is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that holds awe- inspiring and at the same time glamorous spots for sightseeing. The Kew Gardens is composed of green houses, glass houses and other galleries which display a variety and colorful flower species with their respective facilities.

The Kew Gardens also offer events and activities including tours and walk through the whole garden, highlighting the Rhizotron and Xstrata Treetop Walkway, Climbers and Creepers and the Kew Palace. There are also restaurants and café’s for your day’s refreshment. You can choose from Victoria Gate Café, Orangery Restaurant, Pavillion Restaurant and more. Shopping is also an option at Kew Gardens. There are a lot of shops and stores where you can indulge into including the Victoria Plaza Shop and White Peaks Shop.

2009 is Kew Garden’s inauguration of it 250 th year and the organizers have planned and set up a year long celebration in line with this commemoration. The Kew Gardens open an exhibition of rare and unique wildflowers collected from all parts of the world. This exhibition is a part of the commemorative tribute to Kew Gardens as a world- leader for plant science and continuously enhancing the growth of plants in line with technology and modernization. This botanical garden indeed opens a gateway for a consistent care for plants and expansion of better means to nurture them.

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