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Kensington Palace

London AttractionsThe Kensington Palace is a place to see for any one who dearly loves Princess Diana. As most of us know, the Kensington Palace is one of the houses for England’s royalties including the beautiful and late Princess Diana of Wales. Diana was indeed a fashion icon and the palace set up a new exhibition depicting Diana’s fashion sense, displaying her finely- made high- end and designer clothes and dresses. The Kensington Palace offers an exclusive museum of the most famous dresses Diana wore in her fashionable lifestyle. The museum features her 12 most popular dresses which made her an ultimate fashion extraordinaire.

The 12 dresses of Diana in the Kensington Palace exhibition also features seven of the most private and pre- exclusive clothes worn by Diana. These dresses were designed by her favorite couturier including Gianni Versace, Donald Campbell and her most revered designer, Catherine Walker. The dresses are custom-made and only meant for Princess Diana by the expertise and craftsmanship of her beloved designers.

The ink blue silk velvet dress Princess Diana wore in the White House during the year 1985 is one of her most famous dress you should behold and more over was remarkably recognized as she danced with John Travolta during that event. The gown was designed and made by Victor Edelstein, also one of her favorite designers. Another famous dress is the blue and pink silk dress she wore in Melbourne in 1988 with Prince Charles, as they head off to the ballroom and led the dance.

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