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The Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

London AttractionsLondon greatly adheres with the image of the Big Ben which makes the place recognizable with. The Big Ben is one of the most significant landmarks in the whole of London. The Big Ben is a 300- foot tower with a distinctive clock at the anterior top of the structure’s face. There is a big chime bell that hangs from the clock that is constantly restored from wear and tear. The Big Ben was named after Ben Caunt, a boxing champion from England.

On the other hand, the Westminster Palace or the Houses of Parliament is the most important interior component of the tower building where the Big Ben is situated. The Houses of Parliament is where sessions are conducted and when session is holding, a light at the top of the Big Ben consistently symbolizes the ongoing hearing taking place in the Houses of Parliament. It is composed of over a thousand divisions and rooms where hearings and sessions are being held.

The Houses of the Parliament is divided into two regarding the House of Commons and House of Lords. They both embody the completion of the houses but differ in the selection of representatives. The House of Commons use the electoral method in seating people for respective positions while the House of Lords are done by political appointments. Commonly, the residents of England are given opportunity o witness the sessions from a public viewing gallery for both houses. The public is also entitled to hear proceedings from both rooms provided that you have the permission to enter the houses’ premises.

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